The Truth

I was going through some new tweets this evening and came across this post from a fellow writer.

I don’t know her, nor have I ever had any interaction with this woman. I plan to follow her because her story just made me want to cry…then scream. Then I calmed down.

I often wonder how inconsiderate evil people sleep at night? How is it that they can meander on through life knowing of their profound dishonesty? This really baffles my brain. And it scared me too.

Now, I’m wondering if I should delete my query for my new novel? I’ve begun my outline, and could most definitely prove that it was my idea, but now I realize that this publishing business is, kinda cutthroat.

What happened to Wendy Sparrow, could very well happen to any of us novice writers trying to establish ourselves in this business. It sucks. I’m angry for her and a part of me is itching for Ms. Sparrow to tell us who this person is. I don’t want them to get away with it. It drives me nuts. And this goes for all professions, and at all times in life.

I don’t like dishonest people. My mother always told me the trouble one lie will causeā€”It keeps growing and growing until your life is consumed by it. I couldn’t deal with the sleepless nights either, worrying that I would be caught. This begs the question of how do dishonest people sleep? Is there a drug for that?

I like information up front. Personal if you have to. Tell me what is going on. Don’t lie to me. It serves no purpose. What could be worse? What pain is so great that I don’t deserve the truth? I lost a great friend to cancer and aside from that, I can think of no worse pain in the world. (Well, I could, but I dare not think of my children in such dire situations) More plainly put, there is no NEED to lie or be dishonest, or cheat or to steal. None at all.

I hope there is some vindication for Ms. Sparrow. I hope the person who took her idea, get what they deserve. I hope the imposter author’s agent reads the post and drops them like the cold rock that they are. And that is the truth.


New novel idea: THE MISANTHROPES

I’ve been rolling around a new idea for a novel. Funny, cause I haven’t even finished the first one I’ve started called THE LONG LIVES OF THE WADDAWA WOMEN.

There is no doubt that I will finish and publish it, somehow. She’s not sitting in a drawer, darn it. But I feel I should move on with the other ideas I have rolling around in my head. Now I’m wondering if writing the second will be harder or easier based on what I now know? Well, that remains to be seen, but I’ll approach the new novel the same way I did the first. I’ll write the outline of the entire story first. I’ll do it chapter by chapter, like the first. Then I’ll do tons of research on the subject, like I did the first. Hell, that was the best part…discovering information that I needed and placing it neatly in my MS word document. I found a few books on the Tuareg tribe of Africa (they are the base for my Waddawa women and I’ve used a lot of the information gathered on them and embellished)
But one thing I did do differently for this new MS, is I wrote the query letter first. I’m having so much trouble writing the query for WADDAWA WOMEN, that I thought I should get this process over with. It’s like starting backwards. I do hope this well help. Here is the query below:


Now, I wonder. Has anyone used this approach in writing novels? I will do the synopsis in conjunction with the MS outline. I wonder if this will help. Let me know and thanks for reading.

I’m out here…

In the blogging world. I am. Not too sure how I feel about this just yet. I started a blog a long time ago, and it didn’t go anywhere. But with the recent turn of events I’ve decided to give it a go again. Plus, I want to get my first novel out there. No time to be shy about it now. I really only have one chance to do this right. Besides, being recently unemployed (again) has afforded me the luxury of time to do this. I could be cleaning my house or studying for my classes, but writing is so much more fun.

The picture I’ve posted are of my maternal great, great grandparents. She was the inspiration for my novel, THE LONG LIVES OF THE WADDAWA WOMEN. I can only hope I do her justice.

The novel is complete, but I have a ton of rewriting to do. I knew it would take some time, but I am in it for the long haul. It sorta reminds me of quitting smoking; I’ve been smoke free for over a year, and I’m constantly thinking of grabbing a smoke, but I pause. I don’t ever want to go through that again and waste this time. I feel the same way about the novel. Hell, it’s already written and I’m not going to let it linger in the drawer gathering dust. No. I’ll get it out there somehow even if I have to self-pub it.

As of yet, I’ve received 8 rejection letters. It’s okay because I expected it to happen. Truth be told, I wasn’t ready to start querying. But I was so anxious to get it going and of course, I thought it was the best thing since sliced bread. I’ll have to wait. I’m just proud of myself for finishing and it was a blast to do, so I’m looking forward to the editing process and all the headaches that go along with it.