I’ve been rolling around a new idea for a novel. Funny, cause I haven’t even finished the first one I’ve started called THE LONG LIVES OF THE WADDAWA WOMEN.

There is no doubt that I will finish and publish it, somehow. She’s not sitting in a drawer, darn it. But I feel I should move on with the other ideas I have rolling around in my head. Now I’m wondering if writing the second will be harder or easier based on what I now know? Well, that remains to be seen, but I’ll approach the new novel the same way I did the first. I’ll write the outline of the entire story first. I’ll do it chapter by chapter, like the first. Then I’ll do tons of research on the subject, like I did the first. Hell, that was the best part…discovering information that I needed and placing it neatly in my MS word document. I found a few books on the Tuareg tribe of Africa (they are the base for my Waddawa women and I’ve used a lot of the information gathered on them and embellished)
But one thing I did do differently for this new MS, is I wrote the query letter first. I’m having so much trouble writing the query for WADDAWA WOMEN, that I thought I should get this process over with. It’s like starting backwards. I do hope this well help. Here is the query below:


Now, I wonder. Has anyone used this approach in writing novels? I will do the synopsis in conjunction with the MS outline. I wonder if this will help. Let me know and thanks for reading.